Sunday, March 13, 2011

Back to School

Have gotten into the swing of Finnish school.

Wednesdays are now a really long day as I have an 8 til 3 school day then 3 hours of Finnish lessons from which finish at 19:10 so my brain resembles jelly by the end of the day haha

The awkward moment when you ask the person next to you what you need to do and they cant explain so ask their friend then the whole room goes dead silent to listen to the English speaking girl ask for help, hmmm no pressure haha

Had my first language studio lesson in English (where you sit at a booth with the headphones and mic etc) we did a test and I got a question wrong!!! I'm a disgrace to my people! aha but 29/30 ain't bad :P

Have been practicing my Finnish - was sitting with Hanna and Annina and read a text in Finnish about a guy discribing himself and his daily life and I translated into English and got about 90% right! so... GO TEAM! :D

Made the apple and blueberry crumble for my host fam. - it was a hit :)

Got sick and had to have a day off school but am all good now.

Host family held a dinner - whole heap of ingredients put on table and then each person gets a little pan, you put cheese on the bottom then what ingredients you want then another piece of cheese - was sooo goood ! Got an easter egg which needs to go into witness protection or something coz my host dad keeps trying to eat it haha

Also it is really wierd when pets dont understand English, I expected it in people but forgot about pets! My host dogs just look at me like 'uh-huh, the crazy Aussie is speaking English to me again, how can I put this poiltely?... I. NO. SPREKON. ZE . ENGLISH!' *walk off and do what they want* but I know some Finnish words they know now so they have to start listening now :P

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