Wednesday, June 29, 2011

''Just popping over to Sweden''

On Wednesday 20th of April I left with my host family and host sister's friend (Roosa) for Helsinki to go by cruise ship to Stockholm, Sweden. Yes, I still get excited over the fact that 'I'm going to another country!!' it still feels wierd being so close to neighnouring coutries haha.

As our ship (Silja Serenade) pulled out of Helsinki Port I sat with Hellu, Olli, Sara and Roosa in the lounge area for all the cabins in the same area as us and watched through the window as Finland disappeared behind us. A quite interersting conversation accompanied this moment, there was a Celine Dion song playing and I said it should be bad luck to play her songs on cruise ships especially after what happened to the Titanic, also something about the seagulls flying around the front of the ship actually being Russian robot spies listening to our conversation and when the time comes the seagull's beak will open and out will pop James Bond (pronounced 'Ya - mes Bond' in Finnish :P) like the crocodile in one of his other movies, also as we were at the front of the ship we kept debating as to whether we would make it through each narrower section on the way out of the port, good times good times :P

Our ship "Silja Serenade' in Helsinki Port

View of taken on way back aboard in Stockholm

Kareoke on the boat - ''Can't fight the moonlight' Leanne Rhymes

Spot the statue

In an alleyway

MArket Square - many people sitting outside enjoying the 18 degree heat and drinking coffee

cool old telephone booth

you rang?

inside the cathedral - where the Swedish Royal Wedding took place last Summer (last winter in Australia) - the awkward moment when I didnt know there was a Swedish Royal Wedding until this moment.

guard post near Palace

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