Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Russia - St. Petersburg 02/04/2011

In the morning of the 3rd day we went on a sightseeing tour of the city:
  • Saw the street and exact spot where Rasputin was murdered, he was invited to a party and whilst he was there he was poisoned - but he had gradually consumed larger and larger amounts of poisons to gain immunity so the poison had little effect on him, then he was also shot but he managed to drag himself outside and crawl down the street where the people trying to kill him picked him up and threw him off a bridge - his cause of death was drowning despite all the other things done to him - felt creepy being on the spot and being told what had happened there.
  • Got a closer look at Peter and Paul's cathedral - resting place of the Romanov family, including Anastasia - Disney lied to me!!!
  • visited a Russian Orthodox church - we had to cover our heads with scarves to be allowed inside.
  • Had a photo with our tour guide because we had nearly the same outfit

  • Saw a/the? Flying Dutchman

The first palace to exist in St. Petersburg, it's so little and cute!

After the tour we had a free 4 hours on Nevski Prospekt (main street of St. Petersburg) and surrounding areas

pretty sure I was meant to be part of this ad

found a chocolate museum

A bit concerning when you find a bullet imprint in glass, and the fact that the bullet didn't go all the way through suggests bullet proof glass, wwhy does a pizzeria need bulletproof glass??

Apparently people are very welcome here, welcome enough to be welcomed  in at least 24 languages!

I can't remember names but one ruler of Russia was assasinated on this spot and then when his son gained power he built this Cathedral in memory of the place his father was assassinated - some people just put a wreath or cross...

Chocolate monkey!

In the evening we went to the ballet to see Swan Lake, it was the first time I'd seen ballet live and it was really good, I enjoyed it a lot although I did need the program to really understand each scene, it was strange seeing a performance were there was no dialogue. There was a part with Spanish dancing which I would have to say was my favourite bit, the costumes in that part were amazing as well, although we weren't allowed to take photos during the performance so can't show you.

Maygen, myself and Kim outside the theatre

Inside the theatre

must get tiring holding up the whole building all the time

'The bad guy'

Full company

After the performance we went back to the hotel were we had free time, went to McDonald's only to find out its doors shut 15 mins before we arrived, oh well Hesburger is better anyway :P

Felt strange realising that I was leaving the city the next day so enjoyed every last second I had left there.

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