Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Since Russia

After getting back from Russia:

  •  I have had exam week - the only exam I had to do was English (1 hour listening, 3 hour written) and I was also graded on the work I did in art. Got 10 in English and 9 in Art (grading scale goes from 4 to 10, 10 being the highest mark)
  • Visited Porvoo (city 1/2 way between Kotka and Helsinki) and walked around the old part of the city, very beautiful, then we visited the breeder of my host family's dogs (they are Hovawarts - there aren't any in Australia) as there was a new litter of puppies
  • Went to my 1st women's basketball game - Peli-Karhut (Kotka) vs. Catz (Lappeenranta). Kotka won 77-65, then they won their next game as well therefore winning the entire competition. So in other words, my host town is awesome!! :D and Iäm also pretty much pro at the rules of basketball too =) And just randomly, I met my 3rd host mother at 1/2 time, she asked if I was Anastasia and then said 'I'm going to be your host mother!' it was really unexpected but really good.
  • Got the top mark in the English exam... surprising?
  • Went to see Red Riding Hood with friends, was seeing a lot of parallels with Twilight unfortunately but it was still enjoyable.
  • Saw a rocking moose!! (as in similar to a rocking horse... but a moose!! I hope every Finnish kid grows up with a rocking moose not horse, hope this dream wont be crushed haha)
  • Went to a Rotary meeting at the Orthodox Monestary and the guest speaker was a priest who talked about Easter and what it means.

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