Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Finnish Cuisine - Smoked Salmon

When the question 'what shall we have for dinner?' arose one afternoon, the last answer I expected was 'fresh smoked salmon' but that is exactly what was served up one fateful summer evening, not only was it freshly smoked but we also smoked it ourselves! An experience I have never had in my life, see in Australia smoked salmon is a fine food which needs to be splurged on to be able to enjoy, however, in Scandinavia salmon may as well be refered to as, to quote a family member of mine: 'common as muck!' so (this scenario has perhaps been over casual-ised to give the same effect it had on me) we go to the back shed and whip out the hand built 'smoking box' chipped off some bits of wood, put wood in box followed by the salmon, plop it on the fire and then we wait. Of course slightly more effort was put in than is expressed in the above description but the whole situation just blew me off my feet, 'oh yeah, just whipping up something for dinner, maybe just a smoked salmon'

Now some pictures to break up my ramblings:

Matti chipping some wood to put in the smoking box

I think there is enough now...

time to add the salmon... done like a hardened professional if I do say so myself aha

just sit the smoking box over the fire.. and now we wait...

and wait....

Isn't she a beauty?

Upon opening the box the best smell in the world escaped and attacked my nose haha, pretty sure the neighbours were drooling... or due to the location of the cooking they probly just thought 'someone's having a smoked salmon... again *sigh*' aha!

It was without a doubt the best tasting smoked salmon I've ever had, after my 1st mouthful the 1st thought was 'I've gotta get me one of those smoking boxes' haha however my amazing plan was foiled by the fact that the smoking only works with a certain type of wood which, of course, is unavailable in Australia... and somehow I don't think 'so I can make some amazing smoked salmon!' is a reason that will sit well with Australiam customs if I try to bring some back with me...

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