Thursday, November 24, 2011

Everyday Life

School has gone back, there is now 8 exchange students at my school so the dynamics have definitely changed from the last 6 months when there was only 2 (we now have Australia x2, America, Canada, Italy, Germany, Thailand and China). I have started learning Spanish via Finnish at school, I find it really helps with recognising what Finnish I know but don't think I will make much progress with Spanish this year, just taking it for something fun to do.

This is Kyminlinna (left side of road) - it is part of the South Eastern Finland Fortification system built by Russia during war with Sweden - I walk/ride a bike past this when going to or from gym, I sometimes feel ashamed at the casual way in which I do so. It is like 'it's just the fortress, there all the time. Don't even look at it anymore!'

I went to a fishing festival/market in Pyhtää, about 16km towards Helsinki from Kotka, we went via boat from Kotka harbour, costing only 2 euro to go. It was a great experience looking at all the stalls and watching the fishermen cut up fish in front of small audiences - at one such demonstration he cut with such force that a piece of fish flew out and hit the American exchange student standing next to me... I had to walk away I was laughing so hard whilst the Finns around just casually acted like nothing had happened.

I got a bus back as far as Karhula then walked from Karhula to my home in Koivula (about 4 km).

The river that goes through Karhula, I have been swimming here in Summer (further downstream) after outdoor gym lessons.


I went on a historical tour of Hamina (about 26km towards Russia from Kotka), it is a very beautiful town, I like the city centre which expands out in rings from a central round-about.

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