Tuesday, January 18, 2011

3 More Sleeps (Rotary Meeting)

Did a final pack yesterday afternoon whilst watching The Notebook with my Polish host sister, Aggie. Mum forbids her from falling in love a-la the movie otherwise her parents will be banging on our door wanting to know where she is. Aggie says she hasn't met a Ryan Gosling so we shouldn't worry. Ellenor (my sister) says there are goslings and Ryans in the area so is a Ryan with a gosling the same as Ryan Gosling? - no response

Have weighed my big bag and it is 0.6kg over the limit...will airport notice? I will get rid of a few things just in case.

Today, I visited friends and said goodbyes for the last time before leaving, it feels wierd not seeing people for a year but I know they're all supportive and can't wait to see me and hear about my year when I get back. When I got home Dad had found a calf that we don't know where it's mother is and also a baby grass parrot with a broken wing, perhaps I am being replaced by baby animals so Mum and Dad don't miss me too much?

Tonight I went to a Rotary meeting of my sponsor club and was officially presented with my Rotary blazer. I even spoke a little Finnish, I was proud of myself. there were lots of people there as it was partners night and everyone wished my goodluck and said they'd like to hear about my experiences, that's what I love about living in a small town: it feels like the whole town is backing you so there are so many people to turn to for support and to share my experiences with, how could I possibly fail?

It's now 3 sleeps (56 hours) until my plane leaves, hopefully I can finish packing and tidying tomorrow morning and relax a little before I go. I'm still not nervous, perhaps meeting first host family makes it seem less daunting.

Kirjoitan taas pian (I will write again soon)

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  1. it's not about the name! he should look like Ryan Gosling and behave like his character in the movie, Noah. i'll wait for someone like that, you'll see!

    PS awesome blog, it's funny to read it :) i'll be checking up daily to see how's Finland!