Saturday, January 15, 2011

Meeting in Sydney


My first host mother (Helena), host sisters (Rosa and Sara) and host neighbour (Leila) were visiting another Aussie who they'd previously hosted (Brooke) in Sydney. Mum, Dad and I drove to Sydney on the 12th, then on the 13th met everyone at Queen Victoria Building and wandered for a bit. Got massive chocolate covered strawberry from David Jones food hall (soo yum!) and got my first Euros =) followed by hot choccie and banana bread.

Walked through Hyde park, watched game of chess (the sort that are in parks with massive board and chess pieces 1/4 the hieght of a person), went to the Mint and ended up finding glassware by a famous Finnish designer and serviettes made in the town I'm going too!

Then we wandered from end to end of the Botanic Gardens finishing at the Opera House. Saw $5 randomly floating in the harbour but nobody could be bothered/was desperate enough to go get it. Had a late lunch at the Opera House Bar then parted ways with the others at Circular Quay to get trains back to where we were staying.

Dad and my Aunty went to one of the Sydney International tennis matches and Mum and I watched Aim Low: The Very Best of Dylan Moran (comedian a.k.a. Bernard from Black Books) laughed so much my stomach hurt and the perfect finish to a brilliant day.

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