Friday, December 2, 2011

Kotka exchange students and the quest for the giant xylophone

One weekend we proposed the idea of searching for a so called 'giant xylophone' somewhere along the edge of Kotka and the sea. Only 3 out of 10 of us could make it on the day.

here's roughly how the day went:

We set out from our meeting plance and had made it all of 2 blocks when it started to pour rain.. we ran for cover of the Maritarium cafe (the nearest shelter) and sat down for some obviously well desrved (due to how much we had done... hmmm) hot chocolate/coffee whilst waiting for the weather to clear up.

view of the harbour from Maritarium cafe 

seals: they make you think they are sooo cute... then they steal your bike

the waterfall in Kotka

Santalahti (beach in Kotka)

the undescribable need to play on play equipment even when over the age of 10

Santalahti again

...and again

It started to rain again so we took cover in a changing shed which was also the foundation for this spider's web, I bet he wasn't happy about the rain sticking to his web.

After about 15 mins we continued on our way again, we did in fact find the 'giant xylophone', though this was the perfect example of 'it's not the destination it's the journey' I was expecting a xylophone so big you have to jump on each seperate note, when in fact it was really just 1/3 of a size bigger than a normal one, however I will admit it sounded amazing with the notes floating out over the Baltic sea.

It was a quite enjoyable day, with the horrible weather etc just adding to the memories and I saw parts of Kotka and different perspectives that I hadn't seen before.

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