Monday, July 4, 2011

Bird Watching

On 21/05/2011 I went with my host mum and host uncle to the Rääntiö a part of the Ulko-Tammio group of islands located:

one of Finland's closest islands to the Russian boarder. We went on a birdwatching tour as this is the time of year when all the birds are migrating back North now it isn't winter anymore.

And just as a quick footnote: Birdwatching doesn't involve dressing up like Hector from Monarch of the Glen (brilliant show by the way) and sittting with binoculars in a campflague hut, well not this one anyway. It was a boat trip to an island where you just get set free to explore and do what you want, there is also lots of birds but they were only 1/3 of the attraction for the trip, the island was so beautiful and I am very thankful to my host mum and uncle for giving me the opportunity to go with them.

Hector [in front] from Monarch of the Glen so those that haven't seen the show get the reference :)

Swedish fortress (completely covering a small island about 20 mins from the harbour) from during the war between Sweden and Russia (The Great Northern war)
I took a gazillion photos during the day so I hope you are a firm believer in 'a picture is worth a thousand words' because I am using these photos instead of words to show you the beauty of Finnish nature.


First you see a plain piece of spinal chord but now I tell you it looks like a pig/animal and you wont be able to not see it! (it's from the side and it is facing left, the 2 bits at the bottom are feet and the top right is its back/tail depending on what animal you see. Do you see it?)  

A Finnish beach :P 

 A professional

 SNOW! its supposed to be mid-Spring but it is still hanging in there

our boat 

 There is still evidence of the war on this island

Canon from during the war 

Thought I'd give some evidence to prove the sign

So you can't really tell, but this is a hot spring just sitting on the edge of a cliff with steam skimming the top all the time.

another bit of snow still clinging on for dear life


  1. Love seeing your photos they really give a feel for the place
    Have finally tried signing in and posting a comment - success!

  2. Love this post Ana!
    Great pictures and it looks like a really cool experience!

  3. Glad you like them, I'm also thinking about entering some in the Show, do you know if I can if I'm not in the country? I thought signing in might help ;)

    Thanks Julez, it was really great :D

  4. Are you sure that's from the war?
    Because it looks like a short rifle cartridge and AFAIK they mostly used the long ones in the war.