Thursday, July 21, 2011

Eurotour 2011 - Turku, Finland - Departing

It was a strange feeling leaving for Eurotour, at Karkku (language camp 1st week) it was something that felt so far away it would never happen and now the day had finally come. I left Kotka for Turku (departure city) in the morning and arrived at Turku harbour about 3 hours later - it was amazing to see the other exchange students and it finally felt like Eurotour was actually going to happen.

There was 3-4 hours between when we had to register/sign in and when we could board the boat so we had free time to explore Turku. Iwent with 3 of my exchange student friends from Germany and we mainly wandered along the river that goes through the centre of the city.

Antonia, Imke and Julia

Cute tiny statue randomly on the wall of the river (no bigger than a fist)

Whale tail fountain - what I think about (aside from people) when I think Turku

Inside Turku castle

fact: every street in Turku has 2 names as it is in the Swedish-Finnish area of Finland and Swedish is the 2nd official language of Finland. (In Swedish Turku is Åbo)
My thoughts: when posting a letter there do you write the address in both Swedish and Finnish? and it sucks to be the guy delivering mail because you have to remember not 1 name for each street but 2, just sounds more difficult.

view from restaraunt window as we are about to leave the harbour.

Beautiful sunset on the way to Sweden


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