Sunday, July 10, 2011


The last week of school there are no classes, just certain activities and excursions. I went with the 1st years (year 11 age equivilent) to Verla, about an hour and a half away from Kotka.

my new street on the way to the bus stop

When we got to Verla we had about 40 mins spare time so Maddi, Anniina, Hanna, Jere and I went exploring :)

Lake in Verla - Hanna, Anniina and Jere

Hanna, Maddi, Anniina and Jere

Hanna in a field outside the paper factory

We then went into the paper factory and had a tour - it is no longer in use. Apparently, when someone lost a finger on bark stripping machine they just bandaged it and kept going... wow that's committment to the job! and also even in winter the doors are kept open to the outside so wood and paper could be carted in or out so when it is -30 degrees outside it also is in the working area!


...Finnish water amusement park?

We then went for a quick 5km hike through the woods/around the lake and then headed home.

Relaxing before heading home.

The army randomly turned up as we were leaving.

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