Sunday, July 10, 2011

Graduation Day

Last day at school for this school year! It went so quickly, excited for Summer holidays and Eurotour though :)

Went to the last admin style lesson where I got my report card and assessments back. Had to go find health teacher to get my exam mark back, my first exam for an only theory subject - the exam was in Finnish so had to translate then was allowed to write in english. I actually get my mark from an essay I did but the teacher wanted me to do the exam as well (not the original plan). I got 5 (highest possible is 10) but apparently I should be proud of that considering my situation and it was higher than some other members of the class so am fairly proud if myself :)

Then went to the gym/hall for the 3rd year (year 12 equivilent [graduate the year you turn 19]) graduation. It is a Finnish tradition that when you graduate you are presented with a graduation cap - I think they're really cool, wish we got something similar in Australia.

The graduation caps

Langinkoski Lukio class of 2011 - pre-caps

Langinkoski Lukio - class of 2011 with caps

Another tradition is that when you graduate the typical graduation present is a rose - almost every guest at the graduation had a Rose, my favourite is the one Anniina (or Jere I don't really remember haha) brought for Teemu. It was blue and awesome!! (see above)

I then got picked up by my host family and we went to the graduation party of a guy who went to the same school as me (hadn't really met though because the 3rd years left for their study period before their Matriculation Examinations [like HSC] 1 week after I arrived).

The 1st day of holidays and first day of any real heat (23 degrees :P) I was in heaven all the Finns were sweating it out haha being Australian has it's benefits.

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