Thursday, July 7, 2011

District Conference

First district meeting for my exchange.

It was in Lappeenranta - about 1.5-2 hours North from Kotka.
we went of a tour of a paper factory (paper from here even used in magazines in Australia) and got to wear some fluro vests, protective glasses and earplugs as seen below.

Most of us stayed up all night in the sauna house (the lounge area attached to the sauna) and we also toured Lappeenranta, and we were going to row on the lake in a church boat but it rained heavily so the rowing was cancelled.

Father and son flying a kite

All the exchangies in our district

Julia (Australia), Nadja (Germany), me and Olga (Mexico) <3

Me, Maddi (Australia) and Nadja (Germany) all from Kotka... hence the *K* with our fingers <3

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