Monday, July 4, 2011

Sun Changes Everything

So it turns out the sun actually exists in Finland! This fact may surprise some people especially if they've lived there for 4 months from January.

Everything changes when the sun comes out. They include:

  • everything getting greener - as seen in the previous post
  • you see more people around town
  • people smile and are generally friendlier - someone I didn't know smiled and said 'moi' (hi) to me in the street and I was in shock for the rest of the day (slight exaggeration - 3/4 of the day max haha)
  • Finns 'come out of hibernation' - throughout the winter most Finns are generally home bodies unless they are participating in winter sports, but once the sun comes out Finland becomes a hive of activity, people asking if you would like to go to certain events (there is actually events to go to :P) and generally a lot more social. I guess when you only have sunny weather for a limited amount of months each year you seize every second of it.
  • The thing that shocked me the most was when it was 15 degrees everyone started wearing shorts and singlets! I felt like the olny sane person still in jeans and a light jumper but then the insane one because I was the only person dressed like that (newsflash - 15 degrees is a cold day in winter in Australia!)
  • Also Maddi and I were feeling more creative (maybe influenced by the sunshine) and drew some Australia inspired beautiful (*cough cough*) drawings
    You cant really see it that well but there is kangaroos and koalas (Blinky Bill to be precise), harbour bridge, opera house, beach with surf board, euchalyptus tree, Vegemite, cork hat, Uluru, 'Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi Oi Oi!' and most importantly: A BIG SPIDER! haha
    Also a very beautiful blackboard artwork - and we left it there for the next class... forgetting we had health in that room next after lunch so everyone walked in looked at the board then looked at us then smiled/tried not to laugh. Of course we didnt claim ownership just said someone had very good in artistic inspiration hehe
  • During free periods at school everyone used to just sit inside in silence or talking quietly but now everyone is outside, sitting in the sun, laughing, playing basketball etc - The school came alive :D When Maddi and I had breaks at the same time we would go for a walk down the street then when our break was 1/2 over we'd turn around and come back, or we'd go to the park just down the road and sit on the swings or on the grass.

Enjoying the sunshine :)


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