Sunday, August 21, 2011

Eurotour 2011 - Brussels, Belgium & Versailles, france

We left our hotel in Holland and headed for Brussels, Belgium. On the way there we watched Moulin Rouge.

One of the first things I loved about Brussels was the houses/apartments, they had so much character and for some reason made me think of the apartment in 101 Dalmations. We did a quick tour past the main offices of NATO and the European Pariament, then we headed for the main part of the city.

some of the apartments on the way in to Brussels

of course one of the 1st things people think of when they first think of Belgium - the chocolate!

BRUSSELS!! basically we had free time until lunch to explore the city

The Cathedral in the centre of the city

Mannequin Pis

Belgian Waffles - there are no words to describe how good!!

The 2nd restaraunt across from the alley is where we had lunch

After lunch we began making our way to France. We arrived in France then continued towards Paris where we then went to our hotel in one of the outer suburbs, just catching a glimpse in the distance of the eiffel tower.

The next morning we got up, piled into the buses and headed for Versailles. 

how you know your in France, there is a creperie every 100m

Versailles Palace - the outside entry somewhat resembling that in Charlie and the Chocolate factory

The Palace

Random statue on way in to palace

Hall just off the palace entrance

Marie Antoinette

I took so many photos of cieling designs..

What can I say..

They were gorgeous!

this poor guy got stuck in the gold wall..

Looking quite interested in what the guide phone thing has to say

Napoleon fighting in a war


left wing

the "backyard"

Left wing again

We had about 2 or 3 hours to wander the palace and ground then headed to lunch at a nearby restraunt, we tried French food and wine (wine, only a small amount for those over 18) then headed to Paris for a guided bus tour...

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