Sunday, August 28, 2011

Eurotour 2011 - Southern France & Monaco

We left Paris in the early morning and it wasn't long before the scenery completely changed. The city landscape was replaced by rolling hills, vineyards, green pastures with cattle casually grazing and gorgeous old style buildings every few hundred meters in small clusters. 

When in France... buy a baguette!

French Alps

We visited a brewery and had a guided tour of the factory and were told about how the alcohol is manufactured

Then we visited a perfumery then continued on our way through France

 Welcome to Nice! We stayed here the night then had a few free hours on the morning then made our way towards Monaco


We had free time to wander and shop and in my case, take a gazillion photos..

Found a sandwich store that had the time in Sydney!

Another reminder of Aus. parked on the the way back to the bus

Roadside design - a reminder of the Grand Pix held here every year

Monte Carlo Casino

Started Making our way to Italy...

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