Monday, August 15, 2011

Eurotour 2011 - Denmark

We got the ferry to Denmark and started driving to Copenhagen, after just a 1/2 hour ferry ride there is already a noticable difference in landscape, house design etc, quite different from the other Scandinavian countries. The 1st thing you notice upon entering Copenhagen is the amount of bikes, there was more bikes than cars and there was even seperate traffic lights for when bikes vs cars could go.

Mine and Jackie's room

We dropped our bags off at the hotel then went to Tivoli theme park, the rides were very expensive so I walked around with a small group of people and just explored the park. We then went out and wandered through Copenhagen city centre taking in the sites.

Tivoli sign

Bicycle traffic light

Outside Tivoli

Statue dedicated to the bike culture of Copenhagen

The next day we went on a guided tour of Copenhagen seeing many sights such as Nyhavn, the palace, the little mermiad statue and more...

The balcony where royals make their 1st appearances e.g. after a wedding (Princess Mary has stood here) or after a coronation

The sign says something along the lines of:
'this is the house of Hans Christian Anderson'

most internationally recognised street/canal in Copenhagen

Opera House

The Changing of the Guards

The little mermaid

Had a spare 3 hours to explore Copenhagen then started the drive to Germany..

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