Sunday, August 28, 2011

Eurotour 2011 - Italy!!


The first place in Italy we stopped was Verona, of William Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet fame. Basically we had a 2 hours to have a quick look around the city and the we continued on the way to our hotel.

Masked characters offering photo opportunities (for a price)

On the way to Juliet's balcony

Juliet's balcony


leaving Verona

Loved this castle just casually sitting on the the side of the hill..

Our hotel was in a reort area and had its; own reseved section of beach just 2 blocks from the hotel, everyone headed to the beach for an hour then back to the hotel for dinner.


We left the hotel mid-morning and headed for the boat which would take us all to Venice!

First view of Venice

Everything I ever thought it would be - an aweful lot of gondolas, canals and beautiful old buildings

Exploring the city:

we then went on a gondola ride, I went with Baptiste, Erick, Imke, Andrea and Ashleigh (off camera/next to me)

our gondoleer (not sure if that is their real title)

we went past this boat in a canal and I wondered as to whether this is a parking ticket?

^^ This is my favourite photo from all of Eurotour!

Experimenting with different camera effects

I really loved the day in Venice, there was also masks from Commedia Dell'arte which I studied in drama back in Australia so it really interested me.

We then had the next day free at the hotel/beach, good to have a solid day of just relaxation with no bus time!

After 2 days, we packed our stuff and headed into the Italian alps, a long bus trip ahead of us.

Our hotel

We spent the afternoon hiking in the alps, it was lots of fun despite the fact it started raining.

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