Wednesday, February 9, 2011

07 Helmikuu 2011

Got my bank account :D aaaand.. that's about it haha

08 Helmikuu 2011

Went to my first 'Finnish as a Second Language' lesson at the night school, absolutely everything was said in Finnish because everyone else started in Autumn (so Spring back in Aust.) but I caught a few things and even though my brain hurt afterwards I´m going to stick with it :) This means catching up on the first 3.5 chapters of the text book but apparently I am learning quicker than average so hopefully I will catch up soon :) - I have a week to catch up after Thursday because the rest of the class has tests that week - I seem to be starting everything just as tests start - school, Finnish classes, what next?? haha

Afterwards, Maddi, Sara, Roosa (Sara's friend) and I had a movie night, we rented out White Chicks and had popcorn and coke. I still love the movie but it felt funnier 2 years ago last time I watched it, or maybe Finns have a different sense of humour? Felt like a total tool laughing when they weren't, but it was still good.

09 Helmikuu 2011

Spent the day fixing up e-mails back home that didn't send because the photo files attached were too big :( So 3 weeks later the replies actually go... brilliant haha In the evening went with Hellu Sara and Amo to visit their friend who has Australian kelpies who had puppies :D They were so cute! A little bit of Australia in the middle of Kotka :)

Also started my powerpoint presentation for my first host rotary club meeting on the 14th, I hope it goes ok *fingers crossed*

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