Saturday, February 5, 2011

First Day with Host Family

30 Tammikuu 2011

Asked the first night questions over breakfast, then we went on a tour of Kotka. It is a ‘small town’ of 55 000 people, what size does that make my home town of 1 000?? Kotka is a very beautiful city, lots of parks, snow and I love the architecture of the buildings. Also the sea was frozen! How cool (no pun intended) is that? Well, for me it is haha

So I’m not starting school until the 10th but I am so excited for it. We went to Pasaati (the big shopping centre) and I got some pens, books etc for school. I also got a Moomin Suomi-Englanti Dictionary for Finnish kids first experiencing the English language (or 18 year old Australian exchange students hoping to learn Finnish :P) from my host family as a welcoming present, I also got a scarf and mittens from them and 2 pairs of knitted socks and a knitted mittens from Leila (who I also met when they were all in Sydney – see previous post 'Meeting in Sydney').

We then had lunch in a French-style restaurant, I tried escargot – once I got over the fact I had just put a snail in my mouth it didn’t taste that bad haha.

Took Vilma and Vera for a walk with Sara, on the way back all the neighbourhood kids were out playing, one was laying on his back in the snow being held at (plastic) sword point by another kid yelling something in Finnish – of course they went quiet as we walked past though. Then there was another group climbing in boulders and trees, seemed like fun J

The Mighty Ducks was on t.v so we watched that and in the breaks I would read a page from my Moomi dictionary, I feel like a little kid again! It’s fun :P

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