Sunday, February 6, 2011

Ice Skating

Today I went ice skating with Sara and Hellu, it was 'real' iceskating (in my opinion :P) because it was outdoors and just ice not a rink. My new skates are awesome :D Took me a bit to get my balance but after a few laps I had the hang of it, it's been so long since I have skated, maybe 4 or more years so this was fun. The funny thing is that once you've been skating for a while and then take off your skates walking normally feels odd haha

I then went to Olli and Hellu's god son's 10th birthday, watched Chelsea vs Liverpool on tv with everyone there, it only took 68 minutes for someone to score :P Had 2 birthdays in two days, went to Olli and Hellu's other god son's 22nd birthday last night.

Have been invited along to local football (soccer) and basketball games, also hoping to see some ice hockey :) and one evening this coming week or next weekend we will go skiing... on the ocean (sea -thanks Aggie :P) (coz its frozen and there are paths made how awesome is that :D!) then when the skiing holiday comes around we are going to go downhill skiing, can't wait!!!


  1. awesome! i've never known you could ski on the Baltic. and it's not ocean, Ana, it's sea! ('cause you're talking about Baltic, don't you?)
    i like your blog. and i like the fact that you write here so often. it sounds like you're having a great time!
    i'll be moving out from your family this weekend.:( no idea how i'll pack all my stuff.
    you won't believe that: it was 15 degrees today's morning, cold! i dunno why am i always complaining about the weather. it's just never right.:D
    we have huntsman somewhere in the house again.


  2. Haha yes it is the Baltic Sea but I was writing this at like 11:30pm so wasn't really paying much attention to detail :P

    I hope you've had a great time living with us andd hope everyone wasn't moping around too much after I left :P You might need that second suitcase already not just for the flight home haha I'm sure youll figure something out :)

    What the hell is going on with the weather?!?! First its boiling then its cold, its so wierd! havn't had any of that here tho, it's been between -17 and about 5 degrees for the past 2 weeks haha Im loving it :D

    Hope the huntsman doesn't get you duriing your last week :P

    Ana xoxox

    P.S I will proberly write less often once school starts haha but I'm hoping to do it maybe 1-2 times a week with what I've been up too once things get more busy :) So stay tuned :P

  3. just added (sea) after ocean so its correct now :P