Saturday, February 5, 2011

Kotkassa Bussi

04 Helmikuu 2011

Today I spent the day flying solo, it was good. I don't know about anyone else but every now and then I enjoy doing my own thing and having time to think.

I decided to try out the bus system. I caught the bus into the city and bought myself another (much needed) pair of jeans and a few more shirts. Feel much more at home now becuase Im not needing to wash my clothes so often to have something to wear haha annd I have clothes that are more like Finnish style so  I don't look (or maybe it's a feeling?) so touristy anymore :D

Getting home was the most excting bus trip in the history of my life. I went to the bus station and sat down to wait for the bus. It was a few minutes before the bus was due to arrive and I wanted to make sure I was in the right place. I asked another person waiting 'bussi kaksi *indicate station we were in*' only to be responded with a blank stare so I asked 'English? ('yes') Can I catch the number 2 bus here?' then I was told that I was in the wrong place and they gave me directions to the big bus depo in town - very nice person they were :) . I got there but the sign with 'number 2 bus' on it had Helsinki, Tampere and Turku written under it. I definitely knew I was in the wrong spot so I rang Hellu to ask where I was supposed to be and it turned out I was originally in the right spot! Maybe the person I asked thought I would be wanting to go to Helsinki rather than a local suberb becuase I was speaking English? Anyway I had 5 mins to get back to the other station before the next bus left (there wouldn't be another for an hour after that) so I ran back the width of Kotka - not that easy when the paths are icy - and made it to the station just as the bus was pulling in. What good timing, despite it sounding a bit hectic it was actually quiet fun! ... or am I going mad?? haha

Had 3 minute noodles (so much better than 2 minute noodles :P) with Sara, studied some Finnish then helped Hellu cook spag. bol. (spagetti bolognese) for dinner.

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