Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Getting Everyone Up To Speed

So I know its been a while since I last said anything but so much has been going on.

Since I last posted:

  • I have tried cross country skiing - epic fail! got about 300m and already found the ground, but will hopefully get better with practice
  • First host Rotary club meeting - made a 20 min presentation on myself, Australia and why I wanted to be an exchange student - also said intro. to presentation in Finnish
  • Ystävänpäivä (Valentine's Day) - more a day for celebrating friends not couples - scored a free week at the gym for being the friend of a member

  • Discovered Tuesdays are going to be my least favourite day - Double English, Double break, history, double maths...
  • I've been to Zumba - it definitely works
  • Experienced Pankarrit - last day of school for 3rd years (equivilent of year 12) - they all came to school dressed up as different things including superheroes, grim reaper, a cow, captain Jack Sparrow, the mad hatter, hippies, etc. The seniors area was decorated as a jungle, also pulled some ´muck-up day´ style pranks like undoing the pipe under the sink so water sprays all over the persons pants.. yep, they got me haha, presentation by 3rd years to teachers and younger students such as 'the biggest smoker,' 'cutest couple,' 'best dancer,' 'best teacher' etc. To get into the hall where the presentations were they made everyone crawl on their hands and knees through a tunnel, the floor was covered in water and glitter which meant everyone was covered in glitter when they came out the other side but there was also uncooked macaroni as well which was crushed into the knees of my jeans, that was a bit gross - the dogs thought it was extremely interesting when I got home though -_- Also they all brought lollies to school and threw them everywhere - sometimes directly at people with force haha I swear I was hit about 100 times, it was pretty funny. Then at about 1 the 3rd years all got on a float and were driven around town whilst they threw lollies to people in the street (wondering how some of them survived in their outfits when it coz it was -27).
  • Watched Wanhat - Dance for 2nd years becoming 3rd years and are now the oldest in the school. It was so cool to watch, traditional dances like waltzing then a dance at the end which was more contemporary with small parts from lots of songs e.g 'Vogue' - Madonna, and 'Thriller' - Michael Jackson etc

  • currently on a 1 week holiday from school - been gymming with Maddi, wandering around Kotka, cooking lettu with the host fam, and *fingers crossed* going to Helsinki on Friday :D Oh, and obviously - practicing my Finnish :)

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