Saturday, February 5, 2011

Wow! Free Time!

31 Tammikuu 2011

Today not much happened, but in a good way, it was relaxing. I spent most of the day learning Finnish, I also sent in my application to be a tutor at the English Through Drama/Language Support Summer Camp, I hope I get picked it looks really good. I also filled out my visa etc for the St. Petersburg trip, exciting!

Other than that I found out when my 1st Rotary meeting is - 14th Helmikuu (Feb.) - I get 20 minutes to talk about myself, Australia, and why I wanted to be an exchange student. Also I am meeting my Host club counsellor, Sanna, on the 4th and have a meeting at the school to organise my subjects and have a tour.

We had makkara cooked on the fireplace and fajitas for dinner.

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