Thursday, February 3, 2011

Karrku 28.01.2011

28 Jan 2011

  • Breakfast
  • Info and first Finnish lessson for the day (3 hours)
  • Lunch
  • Final Finnish lesson :'(
    • recieved diploma in Finnish (for doing 22 hours of lessons and covering basic Finnish)
    • watched highlights from the ice hockey championships 1995 - I have a feeling this year Suomi wins again! You heard it here 1st
  • Played floorball (kind of like slide hockey) in sleds. There was 5 pairs to a team in each pair one person was pulling the sled the other sat in it with the hockey stick and only they were allowed to hit the ball. I was on team Poro, we won 4-0, so, uh.. Go Team!
  • Had a talk from Rotary about rules for the year, travelling outside your host district means you have to get a crazy amount of permission (from several different people) so basically you have to plan a trip weeks in advance.
  • Cozy Night!!
    • so many talented people :) Kim you are my idol... Now when I say Aussie, you say Oui! - Aussie! I'll be asking for an encore :P
    • Played 'Honey I Love You' aah the memories of this game haha
    • Loved every single performance.
  • Going to host family tomorrow !! Exciting!

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