Saturday, February 5, 2011

2 Weeks Notice(ing)

05 Helmikuu 2011

Today marks the 2 weeks date of my being in Finland. The following is a list of things I have noticed are different for me:

  • It snows a lot more than Australia
  • Driving on the 'different not wrong' side of the road
    • passenger seat is on the other side of the car! Yes, I will admit it, I walked to the drivers side the first time I went to get into a car haha
  • car seats are heated
  • Finnish people are initially more reserved but most have huge personalities that come out when you get to know them better
  • Lots of people want to speak English to me e.g shop assistants, kind of annoying when I'm trying to practice my Finnish on them haha
  • Finnish music is awesome
  • Towns stop really suddenly - one second your in the middle of town the next your in the middle of a forest or farmland
  • You can NEVER have to many photos of trees/snow/both :P
  • You can't smile at people you pass in the street - you appear drunk or seedy not friendly
  • If you make eye contact with someone who doesn't know you the opposite side of the room suddenly becomes extremely interesting to them for about 5 minutes
  • Uncontrolable laughter because your friend steps onto the wrong direction escalator will gain you stares from the entire surrounding food court... awkward.
  • Finnish people are so stylish - they seem to pull of winter fashion so much better than others I've seen
  • If the only spare seat on the bus is next to you, someone will reluctantly take it but as soon as a spare pair of seats turns up they will go sit there
  • Finnish food is ah-mazing!
  • at 17:30 (5:30pm) it feels like 20:30 (8:30pm) becuase it is already so dark outside
  • At 2 weeks I am still getting used to seeing snow every time I look out a window
  • Nothing quiet beats the feeling you get when you see the sun rising and you haven't seen it for days due to cloud :)

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