Friday, February 4, 2011

Moving In

29 Tammikku 2011

Today's the day that the true exchange experience starts, kind of sad because now everyone at camp is going there seperate ways but exciting becuase we will now be living in 'real' Finland < don't know how else to discribe it haha

We did the banana dance one more time (some Aussies reading may remember this from Outward Bound, except there is a few more steps in this one :P but there was no 'Bananas of the world unite!' at the beginning)

  • Go bananas
  • Pick bananas
  • chop bananas
  • eat bananas
  • digest bananas
  • poop bananas
  • flush bananas
  • swim bananas
  • go bananas

Host families arrive (I was getting a ride to Kotka with Paavo [District chairman] so two of the tutors, Linda and Marianne, where my host family for lunch :P

Goodbye Speeches


Left Karkku :(

During the car trip I learnt a lot about Finland, it's culture and history from Paavo. We stopped at his sister-in-law's house for a break. She lives roughly 1/2 way between Karkku and Kotka, she was really nice.

I arrived at my host family's house at about 6pm. The house is so beautiful and homely as well. I love my room too! There are 4 pets, Venla, Vera and Vilma who are dogs and Vivi who is a cat, they're all so adorable :)

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