Monday, February 14, 2011

First Day of School

School didn't start until 11am becuase there was one more exam in the morning for some students. Maddi came over to my place before school then we went together. Mostly all the students kept to themselves, the only people that spoke to us were Maddi's host brother and his friends and Maddi's 2nd host sister and her friends. Don't know if I have any host brothers or sisters at the school because I don't know who my next host families are yet.

First lesson was history, we are being tought about ancient Rome, I can't tell you specifically what though because it was all in Finnish - obviously haha. Give me a few months and I hope to be able to understand a lot more than I do now. Epic fail when it came to roll call - I wasn't expecting to already be on the class list as it was my first lesson etc and then the teacher called 'Anastasia.' I thought to myself 'cool someone has the same name as me *look around to see who*' after about 20 seconds it dawned on me that it was me - my bad.

Turns out the class doesn't run for the full hour it is timetabled for - it goes for about 45 minutes. So 45 mins into the lesson everyone got up and walked out leaving me and Maddi looking confused and asking each other, then the teacher 'are they coming back?' aha turned out it was lunchtime, who knew? (apparently everyone but me and Maddi but that's beside the point)

Then came art class (double period) - potentially going to be my favourite. Being able to talk with those around you and the creative atmosphere makes it an easier environment to be in than a classroom where everyone is focussed on note-taking etc. the group of girls at the same table as me are super nice. Our goal for the lesson was to draw a place of complete nature (so no buildings, cars etc) from our early childhood - Maddi and I both decided to do the beach - very different from all the lakes and forests drawn by those around us.

My Masterpiece

Overall a great first day :) yes that's right I only had 3 hours of class.

Went to my 'Finnish as a Second Language' night class. Went for 2.5 hours - was so glad for the 10 minute break in the middle because my brain was beginning to feel like jelly. I understood everything we were doing - how words change depending on their context - but my vocabulary isnt that huge so all the new words was fairly overwhelming. I enjoyed it though - seriously!

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