Monday, February 14, 2011

Some Photos

I think it's about time I put some photos on here.

'Welcome to Finland' sign in Helsinki Airport

Soo much snow! and a pretty snow covered tree - well, every tree is snow covered but this one is special because I'm standing under it :P

'Avanto' hole in the ice covering the lake. I went swimming in there after sauna, it was freezing! but felt so good after - I swear I'm not crazy!

View from sauna house veranda. HUGE icicles coming down from gutters, stairs that lead to avanto and the white big area below the trees on the horizon is the lake - went ice fishing on this lake.


My new best friend

Ice fishing (with net) also went ice fishing with the little rod and the small drilled hole in the ice (but don't have a picture of that)


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