Sunday, February 6, 2011

Runeberg Day

05 Helmikuu 2011 (cont.)

Today is Runeberg Day. Johan Ludvig Runeberg is the national poet of Finland (he is a Swedish speaking Finn). His poem 'Maamme' ('Our land') from Vänrikki Stoolin (The Tales of Ensign Stål) became the lyrics to the Finnish national anthem. There is also a pastry named after him (or his wife??) and eaten on this day, it is called Runebergintorttu. It feels like cakecrumbs and is flavoured with almonds and rum, it has a circle of rasberry jam on top surrounded by a ring of icing sugar (and sometimes rasberry jam in the centre). It tastes really good. It is believed that Runeberg's wife Fredrika made these for him every morning for breakfast.

Just a little Finnish history for you :)

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