Saturday, February 5, 2011

Rotary and Shopping

03 Helmikuu 2011

Tried rye bread with breakfast - it was good :P

Went to Rotary meeting for the club of Hamina-Vehkalahti. Didn't understand 1/2 of what was being said but caught a few words here and there. Met Merritt who is the exchange student for the Hamina-Vehkalahti club, hopefully she, Nadja, Madii and I can all catch up soon in Kotka. I also said a few words in Finnish.

'Hyvää Huomenta, nimeni on Anastasia Nixon. Olen 18 vuotta vanha ja Australialinen. Kiitos kutsuneet minut.' which hopefully I said 'Good morning, my name is Anastasia Nixon. I am 18 years old and Australian. Thankyou for inviting me.' I gave them one of my 4 sponsor club banners and I now have one of theirs :)

After the meeting Madii and I got dropped off at Pasaati. I bought a handbag because I didn't bring one with me and I didn't want to be using my host sister's ones all year. Pluuus... I really liked the one I got when I saw it :P We met up with Nadja (exchange student in Kotka from Germany) after she'd finished school and we had kahvi and pulla, she is super nice :)

Met my host club counsellor in the evening, she was really helpful and importantly I get along with her :) She let me know about all the basic things exchange students need to know about, bank accounts, school books, Finnish lessons (possibly solo becuase the night classes started in autumn and have already done 3 units but apparently I am 'a fast learner' so may be able join the class and learn the 3 unit externally from the class), District meetings and so on.

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